Hello! I'm Javier.

A Software Developer, writer and gamer.

I like to work on developer experience (DX) and on automation but I do a bit of everything.

Welcome to my blog, I hope you find some useful knowledge here.

How to optimize a Docker based GitHub action

16th of October 2023
13 minutes read

In this guide, we will explore techniques for reducing the startup time of a custom GitHub action, achieving a speed improvement from an average of 1 minute to just 6 seconds. By custom GitHub...

My new desk setup

3rd of March 2023
1 minute read

I built a new desk! It handles both my work and my gaming, it is a standing desk and it has a nice looking monitor shelf. I made a video showing the whole setup and how I assemblied over a lapse of...

My must have software after a fresh install

27th of February 2023
2 minutes read

Every time I get a new macbook I install the same programs. These are my installation instructions. I wrote this mainly for my use, but could be useful for anyone else. Install Homebrew /usr/bin/ruby...

Svelte with Tailwind and Daisy UI

19th of October 2022
1 minute read

In this guide, we will see how to create a Svelte project with TailwindCSS and Daisy UI installed. It is quite straightforward but requires you to copy and replace several files. Create the base...

My friend Duck

6th of October 2022
5 minutes read

Today I want to drift away from talking about myself and my work. Today I want to talk about a friend. This is Pato, which in English means Duck. Pato is a fantastic engineer, I worked next to him,...

The importance of saying no

27th of July 2022
9 minutes read

It’s always scary to say no, we are afraid of offending the other person, burning a bridge or sounding rude, but saying no is an important part of relationships. The lack of saying no will always put...

Health.Wealth Hackathon technical analysis

25th of April 2022
12 minutes read

The Health.Wealth app was my team’s submission for the Amsterdam EthGlobal Hackathon. It won 1st price in Best Overall Project Built with and two honorable mentions by Wallet Connect and...

I am a lazy developer

21st of January 2022
7 minutes read

I’m a lazy developer. I automate everything I can so I don’t have to do it. There! I said it. I have even automated this website because I’m too lazy to update the copyright information. The copyright...

Took my third covid shot

24th of November 2021
2 minutes read

Today I took my third COVID-19 shot, the booster one. It was a bit after the announcement that Austria will require vaccines to not be older than 9 months, hence it is becoming a requirement. And...

Prace analysis

19th of December 2019
13 minutes read

Technical analysis of creating the Prace action Introduction On December 9th I released Innerspace's first open source project: Prace. A GitHub action which works as a linter for Pull Requests. This...

Learning Scala

3rd of May 2017
7 minutes read

You have to make a Rest Api in Scala using Akka HTTP. The task That was my task. I had to program a Rest Api (I kind of knew what a Rest Api was but I never made one, I'm a OOProgramer, and mainly...

New Website!

9th of February 2017
2 minutes read

I moved my website from a PhP site hosted for free in Hostinger to a Jekyll powered site on Github Pages. I discovered Jekyll some days ago, and found it amazing. It is everything I always tried to do...

Got gifted Blue as a plush toy

15th of November 2016
1 minute read

I got Blue Square Flow logo gifted as a plush toy for my birthday. Look at it! It’s adorable!! And very...

Today I Took and Passed the Unity Certified Developer Exam

30th of September 2016
12 minutes read

Today, in Argentina, I was one of the first Argentinians who could take the Unity Certified Developer Exam. I was literally the second one to finish it, today were two exams, one at 1 pm, and the...

Easy way to create a retro platformer with Unity

14th of September 2016
1 minute read

I can’t say I have a writer’s block if I don’t even try writing. So here goes nothing. I have been working on a platformer, my partner in this doesn’t know how to use Unity, so finding a middle point...

How I fought two days against an old scene

24th of June 2016
1 minute read

I have been fighting for a couple of days against a problem I had with a scene in Unity. First, I noticed that the game didn’t load a script when compiling for Android, then others scripts didn’t find...