Took my third covid shot

24th of November 2021

Today I took my third COVID-19 shot, the booster one.

It was a bit after the announcement that Austria will require vaccines to not be older than 9 months, hence it is becoming a requirement.

And probably other countries will request it soon, so it's better to get it now.

Now, Berlin has been quite packed. I went earlish in the morning to the Tegel Vaccination Center but got lost. I usually use the app called Transit, which, in my opinion, is one of the best apps for public transport navigation. But in this particular case it failed and made me take a different route that didn‘t make sense. At the end I lost 30 minutes coming back and taking a different route.

Once I arrived I had to do a line outside with the people without appointments (it seems that appointments are super hard to get so I opted in for the wait). Now, a funny thing of Berlin: The weather is always ugly and of course it was raining. Someone from security was handing plastic ponchos which became a blessing.

On total we waited for 2 hours and 20 minutes just to get inside the building (which, lucky for me, was the exact duration of The Hobbit, Battle of Five Armies so I wasn‘t that bored during the line.

Once inside the process was quite quick, in less than 15 minutes my data was collected and I got vaccinated and ready to go.

So now I‘m tripled vaccinated. I have WI-FI everywhere I go.