Hello! I’m Javier.

A Software Developer, writer and gamer.

I like to work on developer experience (DX) and on automation but I do a bit of everything.

Welcome to my blog, I hope you find some useful knowledge here.

Took my third covid shot

November 2021

Today I took my third COVID-19 shot, the booster one.

Prace analysis

December 2019

Technical analysis of creating the Prace action

Learning Scala

May 2017

You have to make a Rest Api in Scala using Akka HTTP.

New Website!

February 2017

I moved my website from a PhP site hosted for free in Hostinger to a Jekyll powered site on Github Pages.

Got gifted Blue as a plush toy

November 2016

I got Blue Square Flow logo gifted as a plush toy for my birthday. Look at it! It’s adorable!! And very plushy.

Today I Took and Passed the Unity Certified Developer Exam

September 2016

Today, in Argentina, I was one of the first Argentinian who could take the Unity Certified Developer Exam (God, I won’t write that again, so I’ll say UCDE), literally the second, today were two exams, one at 1 pm, and the other at 3 pm. I was at the 1 pm one, and finish it second because some complications that I will address in a moment.

Easy way to create a retro platformer with Unity

September 2016

I can’t say I have a writer’s block if I don’t even try writing. So here goes nothing.
I have been working on a platformer, my partner in this doesn’t know how to use Unity, so finding a middle point has been hard. We need to design a level in the most pixel perfect way with tiles, at the same time handle the collisions. Should I have one collider for every tile? That would clearly generate some problems in performance. Should I set big polygon colliders for each section?
That could bring some tedious work and any modification would be a pain in the mousse.
So how did I resolve the problem with making a perfect level with good collisions, easily modified and having good collisions?
Easy, with Tiled2UnityTiled is a generic level editor which brings a collision setting. Just like Ogmo or any level editor you used. Tiled2Unity is a software which converts that map into one or more meshes with a polygon collider for each one, simplifying everything.
It gives you a prefab with everything setted up. Really marvelous.

How I fought two days against an old scene

June 2016

I have been fighting for a couple of days against a problem I had with a scene in Unity. First, I noticed that the game didn’t load a script when compiling for Android, then others scripts didn’t find the gameobject with said script. Then I started to debug and debug…