Hello! I’m Javier.

A Software Developer, writer and gamer.

I like to work on developer experience (DX) and on automation but I do a bit of everything.

Welcome to my blog, I hope you find some useful knowledge here.

The importance of saying no

July 2022

It’s always scary to say no, we are afraid of offending the other person, burning a bridge or sounding rude, but saying no is an important part of relationships.

Health.Wealth Hackathon technical analysis

April 2022

The Health.Wealth app was my team’s submission for the Amsterdam EthGlobal Hackathon. It won 1st price in Best Overall Project Built with and two honorable mentions by Wallet Connect and Optimism Network. This post analyzes how the dApp works and how it was built.

I am a lazy developer

January 2022

I’m a lazy developer. I automate everything I can so I don’t have to do it. There! I say it.

Took my third covid shot

November 2021

Today I took my third COVID-19 shot, the booster one.

Prace analysis

December 2019

Technical analysis of creating the Prace action

Learning Scala

May 2017

You have to make a Rest Api in Scala using Akka HTTP.

New Website!

February 2017

I moved my website from a PhP site hosted for free in Hostinger to a Jekyll powered site on Github Pages.

Got gifted Blue as a plush toy

November 2016

I got Blue Square Flow logo gifted as a plush toy for my birthday. Look at it! It’s adorable!! And very plushy.

Today I Took and Passed the Unity Certified Developer Exam

September 2016

Today, in Argentina, I was one of the first Argentinians who could take the Unity Certified Developer Exam.

Easy way to create a retro platformer with Unity

September 2016

I can’t say I have a writer’s block if I don’t even try writing. So here goes nothing.

How I fought two days against an old scene

June 2016

I have been fighting for a couple of days against a problem I had with a scene in Unity.