Javier Bullrich

Javier Bullrich


Name:Javier Bullrich

I’m Javier, a software engineer who enjoys doing fullstack and mobile development. In my free time I like to develop and test AIs.

I also like to automate processes and make bots that interact with people, like my Reddit and Instagram’s bots.

See the PDF version of my cv here

Developer story


2019 - Present


Technical Lead Engineer

Unity 3D - Azure

Manage core codebase of Unity projects and automation of deployment process (CI).

2017 - 2019


Software Engineer

Development of Game Services, Rest APIs, QA-Automation and Game libraries for Unity and Starling.

2016 - Present

Blue Square Monster

Hobby Developer

Alias used as developer. Took some time to improve my skills and catch up with college.

  • Several projects and titles released for Ludum Dare or similar contest.
  • Developed a mobile framework to handle all UI and backend requests, allowing the focus mainly on the game development.
  • Learned several Design Patterns, took time to read and implement Game Programming Patterns, learn AI, Pathfinding, Blender, 3dsMax, ZBrush and other skills.

2015 – 2016

Artik Games

Game Developer

Game Developer for multiple Unity games.

Lead Developer of Splashy Cats.

2014 – 2015


Front and back end developer

JavaScript and PHP developer, implemented APIs and functionalities to existing projects.


2019 - 2024


Systems Engineering

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