Web3 App built for the NYC Eth Global hackathon which was awarded 1st prize by Swivel.Finance and Valist and three honorable mentions by Pokt Network, Tatum.io and IPFS.

For the NYC Eth Global Hackathon I led a team of 5 where we built Yield.Share, the app to support your favourite content creators by staking crypto and donating the interests to them.

The app allows content creators to deploy their own contract that they can link to users with their data and the ability to stake to them. Users can then stake to support their favourite content creators. When they stake they have to set an amount they will be staking, a duration of the stake and they write a comment to show their support.

This comment becomes an NFT that has the data of the amount they staked and the duration and will be own by the contract. During the staking period the crypto will be invested and will be generating interests. When the users unstake, they will recover their crypto and the interests will be sent to the content creator. They can unstake at any time, if they unstake before the deadline is achieved, the comment NFT will be burned by the contract, but if they wait until the deadline, when they unstake the contract will transfer the NFT to them and they will own it.

This NFT can be used as a proof-of-support. Only people who staked and fulfilled the promised duration will have this proof-of-support NFT, and because the NFTs are linked to a contract deployed by the content creator, the creator can link this NFTs to another system, allowing users who own one of the proof-of-support to have access to supporters' perks (early access, tickets to event, discord group features, etc) allowing the creator and the supporters to continue building a community out of the benefits of the platform.

Technology used

You can see the submission at Yield.Share entry page

Found the source code here: Source Code