Web3 App built for the Amsterdam Eth Global hackathon which won 1st price in Best Overall Project Built with Tatum and two honorable mentions by Wallet Connect and Optimism Network.

For the Amsterdam Eth Global I worked in a team of 5 where we built a healthy habits app, where users link their wallet and their biometric devices with us, and then they propose a goal (let’s say meditate 4 times per week x 4 weeks). Then have to stake DAI which gets locked in a contract.

In the meanwhile, that DAI is being invested using a Vault from Yearn.Finance

Once the 4 weeks pass by, our system access their biometric data and checks if the user actually achieved the goal, if he did so his biometric data is encrypted and upload to IPFS and a NFT in the Optimism network is minted.

This NFT has a URI that points to the IPFS location of the encrypted data and a private field that only the owner of the token can read which is the encryption key for the data.

The user receives the NFT with his staked DAI and the rewards that the DAI did during this 4 weeks.

He can sell his NFT to scientist or third parties, he can burn it, keep it, do whatever he wants, he owns his data.

Technology used

  • Front end
  • Backend
    • Firebase
    • Tatum.io
      • Provided Web3 API for our contract.
  • Web3
    • IPFS for encrypted data storage
    • Optimism Kovan network
      • NFT contract was deployed on this network.
    • Ethereum Rinkeby network
    • Yearn.finance
      • The smart contract interacted with Yearn.Finance to invest the funds.

Find a blog post with the technical analysis here.

You can see the submission at Health.Wealth entry page