1Transfer is a dApp that provides a zero hassle single push multi-transfer system.

It supports multiple chains and every single ERC20 token running on that chain.

It was built to handle floating point number divisions which can be challenging topic in the Solidity scenario.

It was built for the ETH Global hackathon.

How it's Made

This project runs on three chains, Mainnet, Polygon, and Optimism, and supports any kind of ERC20 token on any of the deployed networks (including AAVE and Cronos)

It uses ENS to show the name of the username if it's available and it is deployed in Valist.

Hardhat was used to develop the smart contract, which is thoroughly tested.

The landing page is plain HTML and the client was built using Svelte.

Tailwind and Daisy UI were used for developing the UIs

Demo video

Code and deployed app

You can see the submission at 1Transfer entry page

You can find the deployed version at https://1transfer.org

You can find the source code at github.com/Bullrich/1transfer